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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Moseh's Staff by A.W. Exley

Moseh's Staff by A.W. Exley
Published 2015, Curiosity Quills
Stars: ★★★★★

Many thanks to A.W. Exley and Curiosity Quills for an early edition ARC for review.  My review is unbiased, honest, and unabashedly fan-boyish. :)

Anita has done it again, and sadly, for the last time, at least when it comes to the deliciously sexy and devilishly fun Artifact Hunter series.  This book provided some necessary closure to a few long-standing storylines, in addition to leave a few tidbits and hints for future events... which are great in case she ever decides to pick back up and write more in this awesome steampunk fantasy series.

Cara and Nate are in a pickle... a frozen pickle.  London is in a deep freeze, a cold snap the likes of which no where in the world that usually has changing seasons has ever seen.  Even the Thames is completely iced over.  People are losing their livelihoods, or worse, their lives, as the never-ending winter takes its toll.  Cara and Nate try hard to get at the root of the problem, and along the way, find old issues with their respective nemeses, the Curator and Inspector Hamish Fraser, coming to a head.  Can the two use their mystical, physical, spiritual, and loving bond, along with their family of blood relatives, more-friends-than-employees, and even a dragon to get to the bottom of their woes and save London from reaching the frozen point of no return?

Anita has set up some awesome storylines that lead to this book... Fraser's loss of his love and desire for vengeance, the Curator's obsession with Cara, Cara's family history... and she ties everything together masterfully.

This series was my first ever steampunk series, and I've come to love it.  I'm sad it's over (maybe just for now???), but look forward to reading anything else that pours out of Anita's fantastical and deliciously dirty mind.

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