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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Review: Pocket Apocalypse

Pocket Apocalypse Pocket Apocalypse by Seanan McGuire
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What a rollercoaster! I couldn't put this one down. I really love Shelby, and I think Alex and her make a great team.

This one had a great take on lycanthropy/werewolfs, lots of action, a good mystery, and some serious family drama. Oddly enough, the family drama this time wasn't Price family drama, but involved the intensely paranoid, rude, and obnoxious Tanner family. Don't get me wrong, I liked some members of "Shelly's" family (aka Raina, whose sarcasm and Pokemon obsession cracked me up), but for the most part, no matter how much Alex proved that he was there to help them, they treated him like crap at every turn. They got a little better by the end, but there is still a lot of growth left for them (and the Society) before they're going to gain MY trust.

The Aeslin mice were also the typical treat. I love them so much!!! I want my own splinter colony, and I want it now!!! *Veruca Salt scream*

There was one thing in this book that seriously broke my heart. I actually cried - UGLY cried. I knew after this many books and short stories that it was bound to happen eventually... but I wasn't ready for it, not even a little bit. :(

Anyways, thanks Seanan McGuire, for another excellent book. I am actually kinda sad we're going back to Verity and Dominic in the next one -- I really like Alex and Shelby -- but it'll be nice to check back in on them.

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