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Friday, December 16, 2016

Review: Half-Off Ragnarok

Half-Off Ragnarok Half-Off Ragnarok by Seanan McGuire
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Thanks, Seanan, for swapping Price perspectives and giving us a little time with a different family member. Thank you for taking that chance, and completely nailing the execution. I should have believed you knew what you were doing -- you've literally never let me down before, so why didn't I have faith? *I'd make a bad Aeslin mouse.*

Anywho, it was awesome getting to see a different piece of the Incryptid world with a (mostly) new cast of Price/Healy/Baker/Zellaby family members. I really liked Carol in the first book, don't ask me why, she just stood out to me as a fun minor character. Probably because Seanan McGuire is so good at making this weirdness feel like it makes sense in our modern world. I mean, really, taking a gorgon and plopping her into a strip club waitressing gig and talking about needing a wig to cover her snakes? Pure creative genius. Anyways, this digression was a side note to say, MORE GORGONS in this one! I very much enjoyed the character of Dee and her storyline. It was really cool to have another major player in a story be an Incryptid instead of a human, and to play a big role in the story, and to be something other than the cuckoo we've come to love (Sarah!).

Shelby was also a pleasant surprise. Her backstory got more and more interesting, and she reminds me a lot of Frances/Fran from the Incryptid history short stories, which is good, because I adore Fran.

Alex was entertaining as well. As a guy who grew up dorky, I related to him on some level, though he grew up to be a badass cryptozoologist, and my accounting career is just as boring as you'd think it would be. (Don't worry, I'm working on changing that!)

Anyways, McGuire knocked another one out of the park. To close, I have to make side note of my favorite line from the book. Sarah, who is recovering from her misadventures in NYC with Verity, loves math, like all the cuckoos in the series. She's off to bed and she says, "Will you read me a bedtime equation?" <3

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