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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Welcome to the New Age

Today is the dawn of a NEW AGE for me.

I'm reinventing my book blog, revamping it, and reinvigorating it.  My goal is to turn this blog into more of a place for the anythings and the everythings or, as my friend RivkaBelle likes to call them... ALL THE THINGS.

I'll write here.  I'll review books and shows and movies here.  I'll ramble about nothing here.  I'll tell you about my trips, my pets, my Lobster, etc.

To start it off, I've imported all my old blog posts off my writing blog Writer's Block (very sparse with two whole parts of a planned story written) and off my book review blog Your Rainy Day Reading List (inconsistent reviewing, lame analysis, terribly executed reviews).  These will be a springboard for the new blog, this mix of seemingly random things that make up my life and my energy and my willpower, and the chance to grow as a writer, as a reviewer, and hopefully as a person as I chronicle all sorts of things that make me run the gamut of emotions.

Bear with me as I slowly fill this blog with life.  The links at the top aren't all done yet... but they will be.  And new reviews and posts will come soon. 

So here's to the New Age.  Cheers!  Welcome aboard my train of thought as it goes barreling down the tracks to god knows where!!!

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