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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Quick Update

I've gotten some things read over the past week, but mostly rereads of stuff I love or books I haven't read yet in series that are all already out and I'm just catching up.

I don't plan on reviewing EVERYTHING I read, as there will be quite a few rereads and repetition.  I mean, honestly, who wants to read back to back reviews of a 13 book series?  All the reviews would start to sound the same!

But in other news, I had a blast in Vegas.  I've got pictures to post when I get some time, but overall: food, awesome; sights, awesome; company, awesome; travel, exhausting!

Also, the month of May will include quite a few ARCs I need to get through and reviews for those, so keep your eyes peeled for a large number of ARC reviews in May!!!  

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