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Thursday, April 16, 2015

My puppers!! And kitteh!!!

Daphne Pond on the left in the brown. She's a basenji-corgi mix, 5 years old.

Albus Noble on the right in the black. He's a hound and dachshund mix, around 2 years old, and "special."

Below is my beautiful child, Kalli. I've raised her since she was two days old. She was born on Mother's Day weekend in 2003! So she is 12, and looking fantastic for her age. Her five brothers and sisters didn't make it... Powder Puff "Puffy" survived to adulthood but had to be put down a few years ago... Cancer from bad rabies shots :(. But this sweet girl is deaf, thanks to double ear infections at two weeks old, but she has been healthy as a horse ever since.

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