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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Review: Brief Cases

Brief Cases Brief Cases by Jim Butcher
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.

MORE DRESDEN! FINALLY! Okay, so, I'm not going to get into how much Butcher is driving me nuts over here with his newly found George R.R. Martinism. But I will say YAY, because finally more Dresden.

Let's be honest here, though... most of these shorties were already released in other anthologies. Only one is new and original to this anthology. But, as someone who doesn't usually purchase many anthologies unless they are author-specific (like this one, or Faith Hunter's Jane Yellowrock anthology, or Patty Briggs' Mercyverse anthology) or they have at least two or three shorties by authors I already know and love... this anthology was a gem. I got all of these other shorties without the expense of buying many more anthologies with things I probably wouldn't love in them. :) And we got a brand new standalone story called Zoo Day.

My favorite stories in this collection were the Molly stories, if I'm being honest. She's become a very interesting and easy to relate to character, and it was cool (pun intended!) to see things from her point of view. She's got a lot of challenges ahead of her now, and I think she's going to remain one of my favorite characters in the growing cast.

I also really loved the Butters shorty. Seriously, I love Waldo "POLKA WILL NEVER DIE" Butters. I love all the nerdy references in his stories.

Zoo Day was great... and we got to see some of the story from a VERY cool perspective... MOUSE! I loved it... and loved the quote from a dog's viewpoint: "That might be the hardest part of human heart-stupidity: how much happiness you simply leave aside so that you have enough time to worry." Ain't that the truth? The foo dog speaks truth!

I liked being able to read all of the Bigfoot stories as well, and rereading Marcone's shorty Even Hand was fun too.

Overall, highly recommended to help tide you over if you are jonesing for a Dresden fix, especially if you are like me haven't read most of these shorties.
Review to come on release date, but initial thoughts:

I enjoyed the Bigfoot stories and the random other ones, but the best stories, in my opinion, were the Molly stories, the Butters story, and Zoo Day. :)

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