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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Six Years by Harlan Coben

(Originally published on my blog Your Rainy Day Reading List on 3/12/2013)

Recap: Jake met the love of his life, Natalie, at a retreat while writing his thesis. They spent the summer falling in love, only for him to be emotionally blindsided when, at the end of the summer, she married an old flame. She invited him to the wedding so that afterwards, she could tell him to leave, never look back, and promise to NEVER come looking for her.

Fastforward six years... Jake is a professor at his alma mater, and while consulting a student in his office, notices an obituary for the man his Natalie married, who happened to be an alumni. Breaking his promise, he heads for the funeral to just get a glimpse of the woman he lost six years prior. Much to his surprise, the man has a different wife, teenaged children, and no Natalie. So he decides to dig deeper, leading to a wild roller-coaster of plot twists, all leading back to the simplest of questions: Whatever happened to Natalie?

Review: What a thrill ride! I will definitely be picking up some of Harlan Coben's other works, because this one was so fun! Twist after twist, turn after turn, he reveals the story of what really happened six years previous to Jake and Natalie. As crazy as the story gets, once you get the whole picture, it all seems entirely plausible. It's seat-of-your-pants, non-stop action, turn-on-a-dime fun. If his others are like this, I'm really excited about delving further into Coben's stories.

Thanks to NetGalley for the Advanced Reader Copy of this novel. My only complaint would be that the ARC was very poorly formatted, but this should have all been taken care of before release.

Want your own copy?  Check it out at Amazon: Six Years.

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