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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Nefertiti's Heart by A.W. Exley

(Originally published on my blog Your Rainy Day Reading List on 3/25/2013)

I took a chance requesting this one from Netgalley, and it was WELL worth it.

This is a fun romp through a Victorian-era London, with the steampunk technological twist.  Likeable characters, an intriguing mystery, and a vividly described (and brought to life) world made this a 5 star for me.

Cara Devon's father was NOT a good man.  At the age of 14, after some seriously rotten events (that are revealed over the course of the book), Cara bolts and doesn't return until 7 years later after the death of said father.  Her arrival thrusts her smack dab into the middle of a mystery.  A serial killer has begun tearing his way through the young debutantes, each attack growing more and more violent.  In the meantime, Cara has met the Viscount Nathaniel Lyons, a sky pirate of dubious (and delicious!) nature, and a game of one-ups and cat-and-mouse ensues.

Adventure, mystery, romance, sex!, action... you'll find it all if you take up the enigma of Nefertiti's Heart!

Pick up this book.  Make this author famous, if only so we can have more of her fantastic and fun work.  Nefertiti's Heart on Amazon.

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