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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Eyes Wide Open by Ted Dekker

(Originally published on my blog Your Rainy Day Reading List on 1/16/2013)

4.75 stars

Ted Dekker is at it again -- this time in a "tv episode inspired" foray into shorter, faster-released stories that make up one book.

He's created a world for us to jump into again, in typical Dekker form, and he's done it in shorter time than ever before!

This time, he's introduced us to two orphans, Christy and Austin, and their intruiging relationship... and then thrust us into an almost-horror flick story.

I'll do everyone a favor, especially since this first book is short, and not reveal details (which Dekker also chose to protect in his description of the book, which is a short snippet from Christy's perspective).

Read it.  It'll make you want to pick up the other three. :) It's also an excellent little filler between his full-length novels!

The Kindle edition is free for everyone, to get everyone started.  The other three aren't.  Here's an Amazon link for your convenience: Identity.

The second book was as good as the first, and will leave you ready for the next "episode."

Dragging you deeper into a world in which you're never quite sure where delusion ends and reality begins, Christy and Austin fight to discover on which side of that fine line that they lie.

Book three continues the story of Christy and Austin and their struggle to understand and confirm the truth of their apparent condition -- are they delusional in a sane world, or is this "sane world" the delusion?


As the final of four parts of the book Eyes Wide Open, this review will cover the story as a whole.

Intriguing characters? Check.  Wild fantastical tale? Check.  Vivid setting/environment? Check.

In typical Dekker fashion, this tale was woven into a much bigger story -- and the connections you'll make by the end are thrilling, connections that tie back into the larger Dekker mythology.

Can't wait to see how the continuation of this "new" saga unfolds. :)

The Kindle edition of Identity  is free for everyone, to get everyone started.  The other three aren't too pricey at $2.99 each: MirrorsUnseenSeer.  Or, of course, go for all four in one volume with Eyes Wide Open.

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